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When you partner with us at Consortius Invest, you benefit from the wide expertise of the entire firm. We make use of all of our departments and businesses to work together on behalf of our investors. Investment partners have access to decades of financial and operational experience, broad regional and international expertise, insight into global affairs and geopolitical trends, and a powerful network of relationships – both inside and outside of the firm. With our resources we can provide innovative financial solutions that can be suited to every need and our priority is to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the companies we invest in and partner with, and the communities in which we work.

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Bolaget ska ha en årlig omsättning mellan 3 och 15 mkr och kan visa avtal med bostadsrättsföreningar, fastighetsägare eller liknande relevanta kunder eller partners.

Consortius önskar komma i kontakt med producenter av bilvax och bilschampo.

Vi önskar även komma i kontakt med producenter av hudvårdsprodukter såsom hud, ansikte och handkrämer för män.

”Here at Consortius Invest we are committed to produce long-term, sustainable value by aligning incentives between our investors, partners and investment teams. We accomplish this with the help of our management teams to identify key value creation opportunities and to ensure our companies have the resources to aggressively pursue these opportunities. Together with our partners we have developed a disciplined investment process and today our areas of expertise include pension funds, insurance companies, private equity funds and other types of wealth funds.”

Jan Emanuel Johansson – CEO

We make you grow

Capitalize on the right opportunities at the right time. That is our main motto when it comes to helping you grow your business and reach or even exceed your goals. With strategies from actionable ideas to highly-tailored financing solutions, Consortius Invest lets you hone your strategy, build relationships and bridge the dialogue with a wide range of senior-level institutional and individual investors in both local and global markets.

We have a continuous dialogue with our investors to understand their investment needs at any given time so that we can match their criteria with our managers and partners. This team of professionals reaches across the breadth of our organization to bring together a wide range of products and services specifically designed for any kind of investor.

With us you invest in and partner with industry-leading franchises and companies poised for significant improvement and growth.


Consortius Invest plays a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential and achieving their goals. We do this by identifying great companies that have been halted in their progress and helping them move forward by providing capital, advice and operating support.

Customer relations

Our mission is to align our interests with those of our investors and provide superior risk-adjusted returns. We believe in a philosophy that ensures that we treat everyone with whom we interact, at any level, in an honest, ethical and straightforward manner.

Work with us

Whether you are interested in investing or looking for career opportunities at Consortius Invest we would like to hear from you. When you work with us you will be working with a team that provides an integrated approach to financing solutions.